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House work
Early in the morning ie 7.00 brooming, wet clothing of floor and cleaning of vessel, and same work in the evening at 5 pm
Contact : 9481406755

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Profile : Chaitanya
Contact : 7995231269, Chaitanyagoud2000@gmail.c
Qualification : Interesting m.l.t
Experience : 2

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There is no good doctors in adoni.there is no physician who can give medicine to get immediate relief.all doctors without giving medicine send for blood test.theresult will come next day upto that time patient has to suffer and under go agony can any body understand this.some charitable institutions must come forward for affordable treatment quickly to avoid the patient`s agony.some doctors r so selfish due heavy rush that don`t want loose single patient go for registering patients right from early morning grabbing consultancy body in adoni understanding this.every body is self oriented,they r not bothered about the it clearly shows inhumanism is prevailing here to the top most body can sort out this problems as the inhumanity exists in all individuals.there is no samaan to sort out this problem?
S viranna
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Welcome to ADONI
Welcome to Adoni. Adoni is such a place where you can find almost all facilities/resources and living of cost is low. Sri Mahayogi Laxmamma Avva Temple, Jumma Masjid, Ranamandala Anjaneya swamy Temple, Adoni fort, Baichigeri Sai Baba Ashramam are most famous and must visited places in Adoni. Adoni is famous in cloth and gold market. According to Sri Pothuluri Veera Brahmam gari kalagnanam Adoni is part of it (Frog shout like a Hen).  In Past Adoni was known as "Yadavagiri" and "Adavani"... 
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