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The city of Adoni is known for its strong mythological as well as historical legacy. Sri Rama is said to have frequented this place during Vanavasa. The history of Adoni dates back to Ramayana Period.that can be traced to the mighty Vijayanagar empire. Adoni in the past was known as "Yadavagiri" and "Adavani During the rule of the Nawabs of Deccan the place got much importance. Adoni falls on the Bangalore Chennia Rail line. Telegu, Kannada and Urdu are the language of the local populace.
Distance of Adoni from
Mantralayam: 42 Km
Kurnool- 103 Km
Hyderabad: 225 Km
Chennai: 501 km (By rail)
Altitude: 1427 feet above sea level
Adoni is located at 15.63° N 77.28° E. It has an average elevation of 435 metres (1427 feet).
Things to see at Adoni
Ranamandala Anjaneya swamy Temple: A very famous temple. It is said that Sri Anjaneya killed at this very place demons who were disturbing Sri Rama during his exile. That is the reason this place is called Rana mandala. Shri Vyasa Thirtha during his sojurn at Adoni established the idol of Shri Mukhyaprana on the hillock. Since then the deity is popularly known as Ranamandala Anjaneya.
Adoni fort: The fort is atop hillocks but now in ruins.
Jumma Masjid: The Jamma Masjid is located within the fort it`s a fine piece of Muslim architecture. It was built somewhere around 1680 AD by Madu Qadiri, who was an Adil Shahi Governor.
Sri Mahayogi Laxmamma Avva Temple: A prime attraction, the local populace of Adoni owes their success to the goddess of the town, Mahayogi Lakshmamma. Mahayogi Laxmamma is also popularly known as ``Avva (grand-mother)``.The temple is huge with marble floorings. A must visit.
Kaman Bavi: A well of size 50` X 50`. It was ordered to be built by Siddi Masud Khan, the Muslim Governor of Adoni.
Venkanna Bavi: A large well built by Venkanna Pant, who rose to become the Diwan of Siddi Masud Khan with the blessings of Raghavendra Swamy.
Baichigeri Sai Baba Ashramam: Sai Baba Ashramam is located on the outskirts of Adoni town. 100 feet Sthoopam is the special attraction of this beautiful Devasthanam.
Adoni is a commercial town, mandal headquarters and a municipality in Kurnool district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is 140 miles (225 km) from Hyderabad and 307 miles (494 km) from Madras by rail. It has a population of about 164,000 (2005). Once a stronghold of the medieval Vijayanagar kingdom, today it has a substantial textile industry. The hill-fort above, now in ruins, was an important seat of government in Islamic times and is frequently mentioned in the wars of the 18th century.
Adoni was under the rule of yadavas for in 16th century. At that time Adoni was known as Yadavagiri. Yadavagiri changed into Adavani under the Islamic rule. Later Adavani changed into the now called Adoni. Under British rule Adoni was in Bellary district of Madras presidency. It is known as the grain market of the south.
Adoni is also famous for its cloth and gold market.
Adoni has undergone a number of substantial changes over the past few centuries. Emerging as a military base for the Vijayanagara Empire in the 15th century, the city has evolved to become a modern, manufacturing hub. Located in southeast India, roughly 200 kilometers from Hyderabad. Under the Vijayanagara, the city stood at the center of the consolidating of a shifting, fragmented countryside into a more disciplined, structure empire. Even after the Empire fell in the 16th century, as a product of military conflicts, the city remained a core part of Southern Indian history.
In the wake of the shift, the Yadava caste became the dominant cultural force in the city. with strong Vaishnavism Hindi influence. As a result, the city became known as Yadavagiri for centuries, until cultural changes led the population to adopt Islam in the following centuries. The city largely lacked organized self-rule until the mid 19th century, when the city organized a Municipal Council to give it a formal governing structure.
Under the influence of British colonialism in the 20th century, Southern Indian was divided into several administrative districts; Adoni fell into the district of Bellary. The city gained its present seat as part of the state of Andra Pradesh in 1953, when the British further divided the country by language of origin. While the city constantly shifted its governmental structure, it emerged as a trade hub as a product of its impressive bounties of grain and gold, along with cloth and textile production. Over the century, the city built up an entire industry of cotton mills, solidifying its place in the county’s modern trade economy.
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