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Right Click Here and save the link to download Android APP
About Android App
1. We can view the list of blood donors contact details.  
2. We can add new blood donor contact details  
3. We can send blood donors contact details to needed person mobile through SMS  
How to use Android App
  • Select Blood Group which you want.
  • Touch "Submit" button to view blood donors mobile number and name.
  • Max of 10 blood donors will be displayed at a time.
  • Touch "More Donors" to view next 10 donors list.
  • Touch "Add New Donor" to add new blood donor details.
  • Once you see the donors list touch the mobile number to make a call.
  • Touch "SMS Donors List" button to populate the donors list in SMS write box to send these donor contact details to needed person mobile.
  • Select Blood Group of the Donor.
  • Enter Donor Details.
  • Touch "Submit" button after completion.
  • Touch "View Donors" to navigate view donors scree.
How to install Android App
  1. Download android blood donors application.
  2. Extract the zip file and copy the “AdoniBloodDonors.apk” file into your android device.
  3. Touch the AndroidBloodDonors.apk file to install App.
  4. That’s all, now you have Adoni blood donors list in pocket.
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