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Adoni Ads
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List of Trains via ADONI
Toll Free 131 Reservation Query 135 Recorder Query 1345
Land Line 08512 - 252368 Sr.Divisional Comm. 254789 Goods Shed 252358
Railway Police Station 252046 Railway Protection Force 254838    
 Train TypeTrain NoTrain NameFrom StationTo StationArrivalDeparture
Daily passenger57632gulbargha passengerGuntakalGulbargha14:5314:55
Daily passenger57427Guntakal PassengerRaichurGuntakal09:0509:07
Daily passenger57631Guntakal passengerGulbhargaGuntakal11:2811:30
Daily passenger57428Raichur passengerGuntakalRaichur19:0719:08
EXPRESS12592Bangalore City-Gorakhpur ExpressBANGALORE CY JNGORAKHPUR23:5423:55
EXPRESS16382CAPE Mumbai ExpressKanyakumariMumbai CST11:4911:50
EXPRESS11041Chennai ExpressMumbaiChennai05:2305:25
EXPRESS12163Chennai ExpressDadarChennai09:5810:00
EXPRESS12164Chennai ExpressChennaiDadar15:3915:40
EXPRESS11027Chennai Mai;MumbaiChennai16:5817:00
EXPRESS11013Coimbatore ExpressLokamanya TilakCoimbatore12:4812:50
EXPRESS16381Kanyakumari ExpressMumbaiKanyakumari07:0107:02
EXPRESS12627Karnataka expressBangloreDelhi01:3901:40
EXPRESS12628Karnataka ExpressDelhiBanglore05:3805:40
EXPRESS16593Link ExpressNandedBanglore20:1620:20
EXPRESS11014Lokmanya tilak Express (KURLA)CoimbatoreLokmanya Tilak23:3423:35
EXPRESS11042Mumbai ExpressChennaiMumbai21:3721:38
EXPRESS16594Nanded expressBangloreNanded07:0907:10
EXPRESS17429Rayalaseema ExpressHyderabadTirupathi22:1522:17
EXPRESS17430Rayalaseema ExpressTirupatiHyderabad23:0923:10
EXPRESS16530Udyan ExpressBangloreMumbai04:0404:05
EXPRESS16529Udyan ExpressMumbaiBanglore22:5823:00
Mail11028Mumbai MailChennaiMumbai09:5909:10
SF Express22601Chennai-Sainagar Shiridi WeeklyChennaiSainagar Shiridi21:5421:55
SF Express22602Sai Nagar Shiridi - ChennaiSainagar ShiridiChennai20:4520:48
SF Express22133Solapur - Yesvantpur (Tri-weekly)SOLAPUR JNYASVANTPUR JN00:3800:40
SF Express22134Yesvantpur - Solapur (Tri-Weekly)YASVANTPUR JNSOLAPUR JN02:2902:30
Weekly Express12582(mon)bangaloreghorakpur23:2123:23
Weekly Express12591(sun)ghorakpurbangalore21:1821:20
Weekly Express17003(tue-sat)hyderabadkolhapur06:0906:10
Weekly Express17004(wed-sun)kolhapurhyderabad20:3020:32
Weekly Express16501ADI SBC Express (WED)AhmedabadBanglore20:4520:48
Weekly Express16502Ahmedabad Express (SUN)BangloreAhmedabad20:1420:15
Weekly Express16613Coimbatore Express (MON)RajkotCoimbatore08:3808:40
Weekly Express11044Kurla Express (SUN)Madhurailokamanya tilak14:0414:05
Weekly Express11043Madhurai Express (FRI)KurlaMumbai14:5014:52
Weekly Express16332Mumbai express (SUN)Trivendrum CentralMumbai CST04:5404:55
Weekly Express16340Mumbai Express (TUE-WED-THU-SAT)NagarcoilMumbai04:5404:55
Weekly Express16339Nagarcoil Express (MON-TUE-FRI-SAT)MumbalNagarcoil02:4302:45
Weekly Express16351Nagarcoil Express (SUN-WED)MumbaiNagarcoil02:4302:45
Weekly Express16352NCJ Mumbai Express (MON-FRI)NagarcoilMumbai04:5905:00
Weekly Express16614Rajkot express (FRI)Coyambatur jnRajkot jn14:5915:00
Weekly Express16331Trivendrum Express (TUE)MumbaiTrivendrum02:4302:45
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